Safe America Foundation offers several programs and events to keep people safe. Some of the programs include Brain Camp, Driver Safety classes, Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Art Contest, Dangerous Driving Decisions School Assemblies. In addition, we host community safety leaders meetings, symposiums, and CEO Network gatherings for our WorldSafe Initiatives.   The WorldSafe Initiative  protects youth, fights human trafficking, assists veterans and their families, provides innovative safety training, and safeguards cyber security.  We are constantly communicating with the public on our efforts via social media, local and national media, PSAs, meetings, and live broadcasts and streams.  

Brain Camp

Brain Camp offers hand-on activities, speakers, live demonstrations, and presentations on how to be safe in all areas of a young person's life. The half-day event takes place in the fall and draws over 1000 attendees.  Brain Camp is designed to show the consequences of poor choices on the road, at school, in sports and life in general.  The program's goal is to help teens and tweens make the right decisions as they emerge into adulthood.  


Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Art Contest

Every year at the Brain Camp event, middle and high school students compete in an art contest called Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety.  The purpose is to give students a creative outlet for what they have learned through our safety programs and possibly win a prize for their school art department.



Veterans Program

We offer several services and outreach for veterans.  We provide direct assistance and we partner with other veterans service organizations (VSOs) on how to better serve our men and women transitioning back home after active duty.  Our VETV site is a one-stop-shop for veterans' needs, including information on employment.

We offer a Home Front Center for veterans to visit and obtain information, we host and attend veterans service briefings with other veterans organizations, and we invite veterans to attend special military appreciation events.  We also do special work in our community serving veterans.   To go to VETV, please click here:


Dangerous Driving Decisions

Partnering with the law firm Montlick & Associates, the Safe America Foundation offers special high school assemblies for juniors and seniors called 'Dangerous Driving Decisions.'  These events present information about the dangers of texting and driving, driving while distracted, super speeder laws, driving under the influence and many other hazards and dangers on our roads.  The event features a guest speaker, videos, law enforcement, driving while texting simulations, and much more.  


Fighting Human Trafficking

Together with Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, the Safe America Foundation is increasing its efforts to combat human trafficking.  We are planning a symposium for 2017 to gather leaders in this field, and in 2016, Safe America representatives have made trips to DC and NY to discuss the emerging crisis with government leaders.  

We partner with local law enforcement to provide rescue bags for those victimized by human trafficking.  We have also made PSAs and offered programming at our Brain Camp and WorldSafe Gala highlighting the needs in our community.  We produce a social media campaign each January to educate the public on Human Trafficking during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Proceeds of our Safe-T-Bear go towards our WorldSafe initiative, which is to improve the standards of global safety and health.     


Driver's Ed Courses

Since 1994, the Safe America Foundation has been dedicated to highway safety. We provide driver education programs that go above and beyond state requirements.

As a homegrown Georgia non-profit, we invest the funds received from our educational programs back into the community.

We offer driver's education, DUI/Risk Reduction and Defensive Driving courses.  Please visit our Safe Drivers website at




The CEO Network/WorldSafe

The CEO Network is an elite group which receives exclusive briefings from high-level legal, cyber and business continuity advice. CEO Network is team of experts providing Cyber Security advice to C-Suite Executives to help protect against today’s security threats.

These days, having a ‘C’ role is more complicated than ever. That’s why the Safe America Foundation formed the CEO Network. Originally envisioned as a mutual aid network by DSM America executive Hugh Welsh, our role is to help advise you – and build an intimate circle of trusted members who can advise each other on issues large-and-small. 

For more details or to join our network, visit our WorldSafe website at