Mary Lou Pagano


Mary Lou Pagano is the COO of SafeAmerica, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing emerging issues that can save lives. In her role as COO, Mary Lou manages the SEAT Division, which trains thousands of teenagers annually to become safe drivers. She also helps to manage the VET Tran program, which serves veterans and other non-profits for veterans.

Since 2003, Mary Lou has served as a liaison to women nationally who were First Spouses, working to promote safety with SafeAmerica. A New Yorker and graduate from Adelphi University, Mary Lou is a registered nurse who was elected as Chairperson of the Cobb County Regional Health Organization called ‘DBHDD’, which deals with mental health in Cobb County and up to Tennessee.

Mary Lou has a wealth of experience in healthcare and education, having graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. She has served as the Executive Vice President of Training Services for SafeAmerica Foundation and currently serves as the foundation’s Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of experience working with SafeAmerica, Mary Lou is a dedicated and experienced leader in the non-profit sector, committed to promoting safety and wellness for all.